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What is a NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 and what does it do?

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The NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 delivers a new adaptive W-Fi experience to your home with improved Wi-Fi speed, performance, and efficiency. It supports multiple users over the networks everyday online activities, HD video streaming and online gaming and internet phone calls while still operating at optimal performance

The NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 is a mesh enabled modem that works wirelessly with the CloudMesh Satellite to form a single powerful whole home Wi-Fi mesh network with all control and settings centralised on the gateway. The device comes with the CloudMesh Wi-Fi Autopilot which is constantly scanning and analysing your Wi-Fi network environment to help maintain the best possible internet connection in your home. Plus, the NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 has a fully integrated CloudMesh Wi-Fi Analytics Platform available through an app providing visibility and assurance into the health of your Wi-Fi home network

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