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What is nbn® Fixed wireless?

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A fixed wireless provider reaches the customer through a wireless signal sent from a transmission tower into the customers area. This connects to an aerial (Outdoor Unit) on the customers roof which then terminates at a NTD inside.

Wireless Network Termination Device (WNTD) The NTD will be fixed to an internal wall in the location the customer chooses and is typically installed with a protective cover. It has four UNI-D ports, allowing up to four services to be provisioned. The UNI-D port is considered to be the network boundary point.

Outdoor Unit (ODU) The ODU is installed on the customers roof. This antenna is pointed at NBNs fixed wireless tower.

Fixed Wireless Devices

A standard Fixed Wireless installation includes:

1 x Wireless Network Termination Device (WNTD) – This must be attached to the interior side of a wall, in a location agreed between the end user and nbn® and where a 240v power source is within a distance that will allow a direction connection to the NTD (no extension cables or power boards).

1 x Outdoor Unit (ODU) – This will be installed between the premises connection device and the network termination device. This cannot be more than 40m in length. Depending on the requested location of the NTD the end user may need to organise an internal cable pathway.

1 x Connection Cable – This will be installed between the ODU and the WNTD. A standard installation covers no more than 30m of cable. If the installation requirements exceed the above specifications then it will be considered a non-standard installation and additional charges may apply.

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