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What is the eero 6+ and what can it do?

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eero 6+ is a mesh Wi-Fi device that connects to your nbn® connection box to provide fast, strong, and stable Wi-Fi. eeros TrueMesh technology enables you to connect multiple eeros to create a mesh network that provides unified, wide ranging and flexible Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. This is unlike traditional Wi-Fi systems, which use boosters to amplify a signal

eero devices can also help you manage your smart home (account linking required) and come with world-class encryption and security protocols built-in. Whether youre working, learning or playing at home, eero gives you a connection that wont slow you down while helping to keep your online experiences safe and secure

The eero 6+ has sixth generation standard of W-Fi technology, providing premium wifi performance and speeds up to a gigabit (if you have an internet plan capable of supporting this speed),¹ without the premium price tag. Eero 6+ supports additional wifi bandwidth with access to the 160 MHz radio channel. Thats just wifi talk for faster connectivity. With the eero 6+, theres enough bandwidth for the whole family to work, stream, and video chat—all at the same time

The eero 6+ features include:

- Wi-Fi 6 coverage up to 140 square metres, which is the average size of a 1-2-bedroom home

- Smart technology to reduce drop-offs and provide fast, reliable wifi

- Entertainment-ready wifi to download 4K content, stream music and play online games in confidence

- Smart home hub functionality to control Thread and Zigbee devices (account linking required)

- Simple, app controlled and guided set up to connect devices and create a wireless mesh network

- Supports 75+ connected devices simultaneously

- Easy system expansion with cross compatible hardware (though for peak performance, using eeros of the same generation is best)

- Ongoing software updates to help keep your network and data safe and secure

¹ Internet connection speeds and availability depend on the speed of the internet plan you have with Tangerine. If your internet plan does not provide you with the maximum supported speed achievable with your eero device, you will not experience that maximum speed. Maximum network speeds, if applicable, reflect combined supported speeds across wired and wireless clients. Maximum wireless signal rates are derived from IEEE 802.11 standard. Specifications assume wired Ethernet connection; your experienced speed may vary when connected to an eero device that is configured as a wireless extender. Eero devices are only compatible for use with FTTC, FTTP, HFC and Fixed Wireless internet access technologies. Coverage estimates are based on normal use conditions. Actual range and performance can vary, and maximum supported speeds may not be available to all customers, due to factors such as local regulations (including power limits), network configuration, interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials, and obstructions. Specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 6 or later generation client device. See for more details regarding terms for eero products, software and services. For more information about eero performance, visit

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