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Where will you send my new SIM card(s)?

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Well send your new SIM card(s) to the postal address on your account. You can easily check the address we have registered for you, by heading to the Self Care Portal and navigating to the Account info section.

If the address is correct, you do not need to do anything

If the address shown in the Portal is not your current postal address, we recommend that you update your address before the 24th April 2023. You can update your address in the Portal or alternatively, call our Migration Hotline on 1800 936 147.

How to update your address in the Self Care Portal

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Self Care Portal and navigate to 'Support - Create Case' on the main Dashboard.
  2. Select Customer Service as the Case Category and Migration – Update Address as the Case Type.
  3. In the description field, please specify your new postal address. This is where we will send your new SIM card.
  4. Click Save to submit your request.

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