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How to stay safe online

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Our top tips to keep you and your family safe online are:

Set up multi-factor authentication

MFA will provide you with an extra layer of protection as it involves using two or more authentication factors to verify your identity. While it may easy for a criminal to steal one form of information (like a password), it's harder for them to steal two.

Regularly change your passwords

We understand that this one is annoying, but the fact is, automated attacks rely on people using the same password for many accounts and therefore if you do not change your passwords regularly (and make it one hard to crack), you could be at risk. If you are someone who finds it hard to keep track of passwords (who isn't these days?), you might want to consider subscribing to a password manager.

Be careful what you share

Some attackers check social media for information like birth dates, family or pet names, and addresses; that helps them impersonate you. We recommend that you share as little personal information as possible on social media, and consider checking what you may have shared in the past.

Be sceptical of random SMS and emails

Don't engage with any SMS, emails, direct message, or phone call from someone you don't know especially if they ask you to either click on a random or suspicious link, provide personal information or download any files. It's best to err on the side of caution and be sceptical.

Set up content filters

Content filters help to prevent children and other vulnerable people from seeing certain categories of inappropriate content when connected to the internet. Your computer or phone may have built-in parental controls or filters, otherwise theyre available as third-party software

The Communications Alliance Family Friendly Filter Program provides a list of filter products that have been tested and accredited, together with recommendations as to the age groups that each filter product is suitable for

If youve purchased an eero 6+ router from Tangerine, youll have access to eeros content filters.

Create safe online habits for kids

Anyone can access and create content online, and inappropriate content can be accessed by children just as easily as content that is useful. Supervising children when online is the best way to make sure theyre safe

For more information and resources about additional safeguards you can put in place to help keep you and your children safe online, go to the eSafety Commission website, Kids Helpline or the Australian Cyber Security Centre

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