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Some of the key benefits of switching to a Tangerine Telecom nbn®  Phone service include: Free calls between sites using Tangerine ... Read More
Yes you can. We are able to port (transfer) your existing phone numbers onto an nbn® phone service. It's possible to utilise the phone port on the ba... Read More
It generally takes between 2-3 weeks to transfer an existing telephone number from another provider to Tangerine. This is dependent on the losing prov... Read More
Tangerine only supports international calling to the following top 20 international destinations. International calling rates can be found below.Note:... Read More
If you have a home phone service with us, you can use the following star codes to activate and deactive the service. Simply dial these from your telep... Read More
In some situations, you might need to check if there is an active phone line at the property especially when you just moved in. An easy way to check i... Read More