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The timing of when the modem is being ordered depends on your nbn® Service Class and Preferred start date. You may refer to the below table for you... Read More
As soon as your nbn® service is activated billing does commence. We are keen for you to get online with your new nbn® plan as soon as possible so yo... Read More
No we do not lock our modems. If you were ever to leave you could use these with most other providers.  Read More
We do offer the opportunity to upgrade the modem at the time of ordering. This is useful if you wish to run your home network as fast as possible and ... Read More
When you purchase a modem from us we will ship it out to your residential address free of charge. It's just another sweet reason to choose Tangerine.&... Read More
New and existing customers may purchase modems from Tangerine. All modems are purchased and paid upfront and are not under contract. This means that u... Read More
Yes you can. This applies when you are just about to move and would like to receive your modem to your current address still or you just couldn't rece... Read More
Unfortunately we can't. Our modems are delivered using Startrack Couriers and they are unable to deliver to a PO Box address. A signature is required... Read More
Yes you can! Tangerine Telecom supports the ability to set up a reverse DNS (PTR record) record on your nbn® service. There is no additional charge ... Read More
An eero is a router – but you need BOTH a modem and router to connect your home to the internet as they each have separate but complementary fun... Read More
eero 6+ is a mesh Wi-Fi device that connects to your nbn® connection box to provide fast, strong, and stable Wi-Fi. eero’s TrueMesh technology... Read More
When you purchase an eero device from Tangerine, we will provide you with an ongoing subscription to eero Secure at no additional cost for use with a ... Read More
Instructions on how to easily set up your eero 6+ and network can be found in our quick start guide and below.Step 1: Download the free eero app from ... Read More
You can connect your smart home devices to your eero network once you have linked your eero account with your Amazon account. If you didn’t link... Read More
You can set custom schedules, control internet access, and apply content filters by creating profiles through the eero mobile app. How to create a pr... Read More
A guest network allows you to easily share your home Wi-Fi with family and friends while protecting network security. You can enable and disable your ... Read More
The speed test analyses the upload and download speeds on your eero 6+. To conduct a speed test:  1. Tap on the ‘Activity’ tab.&nbsp... Read More
To view data usage on your eero 6+ network: Tap on the ‘Activity’ tab.   Tap on ‘Downloaded Data’ to view the ov... Read More
Regular software updates are available to you through the eero mobile app to bring you the latest and greatest in eero Wi-Fi. Software security update... Read More
On the front of your eero, there is a LED status light. When everything is running correctly, your eero's light will be solid blue (unless you have tu... Read More
Through the eero app you can turn your eero LED lights off or on to best suit your preferences. To manage your eero’s LED light:   ... Read More
As a troubleshooting step, it is generally recommended to power cycle your eero by unplugging its power cable, waiting 30 seconds and plugging it back... Read More
The eero 6 systems are equipped with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, eliminating the need for additional Zigbee hubs around your home to connect com... Read More
eero Secure’s content filters gives users the ability to apply pre-set content filters by age ranges, or they can customize by category, includi... Read More
eero Secure’s Internet backup lets users add alternate wireless backup connections such as their personal hotspot to keep their Wi-Fi up and run... Read More
eero Secure’s advanced security feature helps keep your family safe from accidentally visiting malicious sites that may infect your devices.&nbs... Read More
eero Secure’s Block & Allow feature gives users control over which sites can be visiting by other users on their network and viewing inappro... Read More
eero Secure gives users the ability to block other users access to apps as well as allow access to apps that may otherwise be blocked by content filte... Read More
eero Secure's ad blocking feature helps you improve your browsing experience by blocking a variety of ads on your devices. To block ads:  From... Read More
Within eero Secure's Content Filtering feature, you can turn on eero Secure's SafeSearch feature which blocks inappropriate search results from Google... Read More
The NetComm CF40 Wi-Fi 6 delivers a new adaptive Wi-Fi experience for your home and/or office with improved Wi-Fi speed, performance, and efficiency. ... Read More
The NetComm CF40 Wi-Fi 6 has four (4) Ethernet LAN ports to allow connection to multiple ethernet based devices, such as your desktop computer, laptop... Read More
Setting up your NetComm CF40 Wi-Fi 6 is made easy by following the steps outlined in our Quick Start Guide and below. Step 1: Power on the NetComm CF... Read More
If you have purchased your NetComm CF40 Wi-Fi 6 from the Tangerine website, it will come pre-configured and all you’ll need to do is follow the ... Read More
The NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 delivers a new adaptive W-Fi experience to your home with improved Wi-Fi speed, performance, and efficiency. It supports mult... Read More
The NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 has 9 different connection points in addition to the reset button and power supply jack including:   One (1) WAN... Read More
Setting up your NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 is made easy by following the steps outlined in our Quick Start guide and below.   Step 1: Power on th... Read More
If you have purchased your NetComm NF20 Wi-Fi 6 from the More website, it will come pre-configured and all you’ll need to do is follow the set-u... Read More
Get ready to welcome to Google Nest Wifi to your home. You have made a great choice! Google Nest Wifi will: o  blanket your home with s... Read More
Setting up your Google Nest Router and Points to create your Mesh Wi-fi Network is easy - 1. Download the Google Home app and create a Google acc... Read More
A Google Nest Wifi router has 2 Ethernet ports. One of the ports connects to the modem's WAN port to receive the internet connection, and the other po... Read More
Google Nest Wifi, a mesh Wifi system, provides Wifi to your whole house. In terms of functionality, once the Google Nest Wifi system is set up it will... Read More
Tangerine allows customers the choice to BYO (bring your own) nbn® modem device for all unlimited nbn® plans. It’s important to note th... Read More
It's important that you have read the  BYO requirements  before selecting this option with us. It is your responsibility to ensure your devi... Read More
Tangerine supports a BYO modem/router option when connecting for nbn® or Home Wireless Broadband. It is important that you are aware of your connect... Read More
We support the use of a BYO modem or router for use with your nbn® Plans with Tangerine.   We recommend ensuring that you are familiar with yo... Read More
The following settings can be used to configure your device for use on the nbn® network with Tangerine:   Authentication:   I... Read More
UPDATE: JUNE 2017: For nbn® services ordered with Tangerine Telecom on or after 1st June 2017, VLAN Tagging is not required to be enabled on your nbn... Read More
To find out if your modem is nbn®  ready, check out the list of BYO compatible nbn®  modem routers here. Read More
To guard your home network against attack and prevent unauthorised access, it is very important that you follow this guide to secure your network &nb... Read More