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Having some trouble understanding your nbn® & Mobile bill?  Let us break it down for you so it’s easy-peesy-Tangerine-squeezy!&nbs... Read More
There are a number of things that could cause your bill to look higher than usual or higher than you expect. We’ve written a description of the ... Read More
Late payment fees are standard practice amongst Service Providers to cover costs relating to processing late payments. To avoid incurring this fee, w... Read More
If the balance shows a negative amount, you do not need to make another payment. Here are a some of the reasons why:     NEW C... Read More
Monthly charges will start for your service when nbn® is activated at your property. We will email you when this activation is complete, and charges ... Read More
Got your bill and not sure about the charges? Let us try to answer the Most Common Billing Queries, fees and charges.   Common Billing... Read More
Your monthly invoices from Tangerine are available in the Self Care Portal. This makes it easy for you to view, download and manage your invoices all ... Read More
Suspension of your service  If you fail to pay your account balance within 14 days after the due date of your last invoice, your Tangerine servi... Read More
We require your account is settled monthly using a credit card or bank account direct debit. Direct debits are processed on the due date specified on... Read More
Managing your bank details is available on our Self Help Portal. You may use your credit card or bank account for direct debit. 1.  Head to... Read More
You can make a manual payment to your account via the website or in the Self Care Portal. In the Self Care Portal, follow these easy steps to make ... Read More
You can use your bank account for on-going payment. These can be entered during the sign-up process and they will be used for ongoing payments.  ... Read More
Supplying your bank account details during sign up is not a requirement - it is optional. If you provide these, they will be used for on-going payment... Read More
Pre-payment of your first month nbn® access is taken at the time of sign up. This pre-payment then sits on your account until your nbn® service is a... Read More
When signing up for a service with us online a pre-payment is taken for your first month of ADSL or nbn® bundle access fee. Charges for the... Read More
Got a charge on your invoice that you are not sure of? Aside from calling us, you can now submit a Billing Enquiry from our Self Care Portal. TIP... Read More
At Tangerine we are committed to helping customers facing financial hardship maintain telecommunications access and working with you to find a sustain... Read More