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We've received feedback from customers that our Portal login process was too complicated; having to remember your Account Number and password, as well... Read More
We recommend contacting our Customer Service team on 1800 211 112 to ensure you contact details are up to date. Read More
If you know your details are changing, we recommend logging into the Portal and updating your contact details ahead of time. This will ensure you can ... Read More
You may have entered an incorrect verification code too many times. To protect your security, our system will lock you out of your account for 15 m... Read More
The best thing to do is give us a call our Customer Service team on 1800 211 112. We'll help you get access to the Portal. Read More
Yes. Every time you log in to the Portal, we’ll send a one-time verification code to your mobile and email – this is our way of double-che... Read More
We recommend that you can call our Customer Service team on 1800 211 112 straight away. We’ll help ensure your account is secure. Read More
If you have more than one Tangerine account and want to switch between accounts after logging into the Portal, you’ll need to click the Switch A... Read More
At Tangerine we are committed to helping customers facing financial hardship maintain telecommunications access and working with you to find a sustain... Read More
Firstly, if you or someone you know is or has been affected by domestic and family violence, we are here to support you. Phone and internet access ... Read More
Got questions on your order or bills? Our Customer Service team is happy to help. Customer Service opening hours: Monday - Friday  8.30am-7p... Read More
You can easily lodge a technical support case in our Self Care Portal. Just follow these simple steps: 1.      Hover ove... Read More
At Tangerine, we recognise that living in Australia's climate can bring many challenges - including fires, flooding and other natural disasters. ... Read More
Content filters help to prevent children and other vulnerable people from seeing certain categories of inappropriate content when connected to the int... Read More
When is multi-factor authentication coming?From the 30th of June 2022, you will need to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA) when you access or ... Read More
With the large number of filters available, it can be hard to choose the most appropriate one for you. To assist you in choosing a filter, the Comm... Read More
Our top tips to keep you and your family safe online are: Set up multi-factor authentication MFA will provide you with an extra layer of protectio... Read More
If you are or have experienced cyber bullying, cyber abuse or have seen any offensive or illegal content online, we recommend that you report it to th... Read More
We provide a number of spend management tools to help you manage your services with us. You can check your spending via our Member Portal, available ... Read More
Here at Tangerine we value referrals from existing Tangerine users.   What better way to say you love us than to refer us to a friend or family... Read More
Giving more is a core value of the Tangerine business – as is creating reliable, real and meaningful connections. The Tangerine team are proud t... Read More
The way Australians give to charities has evolved over time. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, a quarter of Australian... Read More
Small Change Big Change is backed by Telco Together Foundation, a registered charity endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) with the Australian... Read More
Surprisingly, it has a big impact! Donating $1 per month can help 3 young Australians who are going through a mental health challenge get the responsi... Read More
At the moment, Tangerine are only providing the option to donate $1 per month. If you would like to get more involved in the cause, you can contact th... Read More
Yes, on one condition.   Your donation is 100% deductible if the total amount you donate is $2 or more over the course of a financial year. Read More
No. 100% of your donations goes to Telco Together Foundation’s Small Change Big Change Program, with all proceeds evenly distributed across thei... Read More
Yes, you can stop your monthly donation to Small Change Big Change at any time. Please get in touch with our Customer Service team to do so. Read More
At Tangerine we give our customers the ability to change mobile plans at any time as we understand your data allowance needs may change overtime. This... Read More
Yes, you can! You can change your nbn® plan at any time free of charge no matter if you’re upgrading or downgrading via our Self Care Portal... Read More
You can view your live mobile usage using our customer portal. Please ensure you keep an eye on this if you are concerned about using all your include... Read More
Managing your bank details is available on our Self Help Portal. You may use your credit card or bank account for direct debit. 1.  Head to... Read More
You can make a manual payment to your account via the website or in the Self Care Portal. In the Self Care Portal, follow these easy steps to make ... Read More
You can easily lodge a technical support case in our Self Care Portal. Just follow these simple steps: 1.      Hover ove... Read More
While we don't want to see you go, if you wish to cancel your service you can submit a cancellation order through the Self Care Portal. We reccomend y... Read More