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Between 21 December 2023 and 11:59 AEDT on 29 February 2024, new nbn® customers get an extra $5/mth off the already discounted introductory/new cust... Read More
Delve into all the offer details by checking out the full nbn® Summer Intro Offer T&Cs at starting from Dec... Read More
We're thrilled that you're considering our plans! It's important to mention that not all plans are offered at every location. For our high-speed nbn&r... Read More
No need to stress! If you happen to move, you can easily transfer your service and keep this fantastic offer at your new address. For guidance on tran... Read More
After the 6 months, your plan fees return to the RRP current at that time, as advertised on Read More
Unfortunately, no. This offer applies to a maximum of 1 new nbn® service. Read More
This offer is available to new Tangerine nbn® customers who sign up to a high-speed (nbn® 100/21, nbn® 250/25, nbn®  1000/50) plan during ... Read More
If you have a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Fixed Wireless nbn® service your nbn® Connection Box (also known as nbn® Network Termination... Read More
nbn® stands for National Broadband Network. It is the service in which the majority of Australians use to access the internet from their homes and b... Read More
nbn® will be available to everyone in due course with the service being rolled out across Australia in stages. You can find out when the nbn® is ava... Read More
Firstly you need to be in an area that has had the nbn® installed.Currently nbn® is rolling out across the country area by area.Once nbn® is availa... Read More
Depending on how nbn® is delivered to your property and your property's nbn® readiness this will vary from just 1 day to around 3 weeks. You can che... Read More
You will need to request cancellation of your original nbn® service when transferring to Tangerine, after we have activated your service.  For ... Read More
Changing to Tangerine is easy and there is no setup fee however, you will need to make sure you're out of contract with your current provider to avoid... Read More
For some nbn® connection there is no need to keep an active telephone service. nbn® plans and bundles can be provided with no need to pay for tradi... Read More
  Each residential nbn® plan sits on one of the seven main nbn® speed tiers, which have different maximum download and upload speeds measured ... Read More
A fixed wireless provider reaches the customer through a wireless signal sent from a transmission tower into the customers’ area. This connects ... Read More
We offer sticky IP addresses. All Tangerine nbn® plans include a sticky IP address. This means that the public IP address of your connection do... Read More
We will keep you up to date regularly on the progress of your order via email or sms. It is important that you look out for these as they will includ... Read More
You can find the Critical Information Summary for your Tangerine plan here.   Read More
Unfortunately, we do not support IPv6 at the moment. Our network carrier only support IPv4 at this time. However, this may change in the future so sta... Read More
In Australia, properties are connected to the nbn® network using different types of technologies based on the infrastructure and equipment that nb... Read More
Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) - Fibre optics cabling is installed directly inside your property; this can deliver fast internet services with up to 1... Read More
We currently offer five standalone nbn® plans .All plans include unlimited data, no standard set up costs and no lock-in contracts! If you are after... Read More
Yes we do. Bring your existing home phone number with you or get a new one. Local, National and Calls to Mobile are included while Calls to 13/1300 nu... Read More
In April 2015 the government announced that they would introduce a New Development Charge that would be applicable to certain greenfield developments ... Read More
All our plans are available on a no lock-in contract. There is no cancellation fee for customers, and you can cancel your contract at any time before ... Read More
No, Tangerine does not charge a fee to change speed on our nbn® Plans. Feel free to change between plans as much as you need.  Read More
Is your Installation date coming up and you are still not sure what to do? Below are some helpful guides that you can read on to know more on what you... Read More
There is no charge for standard installation. This includes the visit from the technician. If nbn® has deemed your property a new development, the&n... Read More
nbn® provide a Missed Appointment Rebate to us when the nbn® technician does not attend the confirmed appointment for both connections and faults. ... Read More
When your nbn®  approved technician arrives, you can ask to see their ID before giving them access to your premises. They’ll then di... Read More
Moving home? Relocating an nbn® service to a new address can now be processed from our Self Care Portal. TIP: Before you request to move your servic... Read More
Tangerine does not charge a relocation fee. However, if your new address is not nbn® ready then a New Development fee of $275 may apply. If thi... Read More
Service relocation times can vary depending on your new propertys nbn® readiness and the type of nbn® connection. If your new property has been co... Read More
Once your new address is nbn® ready and your service has been activated at your new address, you can plug in your modem to enjoy faster, more reliabl... Read More
If your new address isn’t nbn®  ready, then you may need a technician to visit your home to get you connected to the nbn® &nbsp... Read More
For information on how to set up your Tangerine supplied modem or BYO modem refer to our step-by-step guides on our website or contact our technical s... Read More
If you have a modem supplied by a different service provider, it is important that this device meets the BYO modem requirements. If your modem is not ... Read More
Yes you can. You can change your nbn® plan connection speed at any time, up or down. You can change your plan in our Self Care Portal. Just follow... Read More
If you are going overseas or do not require your nbn® service for a long period of time, it may be beneficial to put your nbn® Plan on hold. We can... Read More
All our nbn® plans include a no lock-in contract so you’re free to cancel your nbn® service at any time. We recommend that if cancellin... Read More
You can check your Wireless Broadband usage throughout the month using our Self Care Portal.   Use your account number, email and account passw... Read More
There are a number of reasons why an nbn® service may be running slower than expected. It may be down to hardware and software configured on your ... Read More
In 2014 the Australian Government made the decision to use a mixed technology approach to the nbn® rollout. This means that certain properties will u... Read More
There are a number of things that you can try to help improve your Wifi coverage in your property. Wifi is now critical in a household where numerous... Read More
There are various reasons why is your order On hold, we have created a guide which helps you understand why is the order on hold and what needs to be ... Read More
Fresh Fibre will provide customers with faster internet to help support the growth in connected devices and more Australians working from home.Selecte... Read More
 The benefits of upgrading to Fresh Fibre (Fibre-to-the-Premise) are as follows: Speed and Reliability*. An FTTP connection will lead to an im... Read More
FTTP: Fibre to the premises means fibre is connected all the way to your premises. FTTN: Fibre to the node has a fibre connection running to a mini-e... Read More
Great to hear! Slow internet is so yesterday! A Fresh Fibre connection requires an nbn®  technician to connect a PCD (premises connection ... Read More
The majority of nbn®  compatible routers will work on an Fibre-to-the-Premise service, you may just need to update your equipment settings ... Read More
As you have an active FTTN or FTTC service with another provider you will first need to transfer your FTTN or FTTC service to Tangerine and once you a... Read More